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              Your position - Jiuli Rope - About us
                Jiuli Rope Co.,Ltd(formerly Baoying County Rope Factory)is founded in 1981.After nearly 30 years of quick development,pioneering efforts and innovation, With the development, she had participate in organization a big company which is Jiuli Rope Co., Ltd.It boasts advanced rope processing equipment imported from German and the unipue one in China and examination and test facilities involving advanced techonlogies. Itmanufactures over 8000 tons of chemical fiber ropes annually. It.is a designated suppiler of ropes to China Ship General Company and the most powerful manufacturer of chemical feber ropes inside China.

                 The company has been certifede and recognized by China Classilfication Society and German Classification Society in 1980s, and has been certifed by many state-level authoritative cassification societies of LR,U.S.,Norway, France, Japan, etc. In 2000, the company passed the internation quality certefication ISO9001. ItsJiulibrand chemical fiberropes have been appraised ashi-tech productsandwell-known brandof Jiangsu Province, Which are well-received indomestic and overseas markets and is the best choice for ocean shipping, ship-making equipment, national defense, mining, fishing, loading and unloading on ports, oil exploration and many other fieleds.

                 Jiulibrand chemical fiber ropes, manufactured by adopting international standards and fully automatic machinesand equipment, are full series of products and have full range of specifications. The major products include polyamidefiber series, polyester, resin series, UHMWPE,etc. The products in terms of structure include 3-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply, 8-ply, 12-plyand 48-ply(double-layer braided)with the diameters ranging between 4mm and 146mm for your option. The company hasdeveloped by itself nylon single coarse filament developed by the company itself(which can march with Atlaus), compound ropes, composite ropes and core-coated ropes, and has patents for these porducts. These products have met thenew demands of the customers. The company has had technological exchange with national authoritative rope researchinstitutes for many times, and has participated in the drafting of relevant standards. In2003, the conference for the drafting and examination of the national standards for ropes was held in the company. Over the years, the company has madeoutstanding contributions for the rope making industry of the country.

                 With the image of faithfulness and honesty and with high quality ropes of Jiulibrand, the company warmly welcomes customers from both at home and abroad nad provides them the best possible services, and looks forward tobuild up a more splendid future through joint efforts.
                                                              President:Wensong Jiang

              Copy rithg(C) Jiuli rope CO.,LTD. TEL:0514-88316111 88556035 88316000